Are you CEO-ready?

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Strategic Management Simulations
3 levels : Business, Corporate, Triple Bottom Line

GlobStrat-Academy develops strategic management simulations which are customizable to the professor‘s objectives, to students’ level, and training setting. Akin to a flight simulator, these simulations allows participants to run a company in a realistic, yet risk-free virtual environment. Three levels of strategic complexity are available:

GlobStrat_Triple Bottom Line
, integrates Sustainability and Social responsibility...for MBA.
GlobStrat_Corporate, perfect for a strategic management course (capstone type),
GlobStrat_Business, ideal for team building in a management training introduction.

Join the Fortune 500 firms and leading academic institutions already using GlobStrat and challenge yourself: Are You CEO-ready? 

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360° Business Simulation

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GlobStrat is a strategic simulation that exposes participants to all major corporate functions: R&D, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance and Strategic Alliances.
Success requires sound theory, smart strategy and faultless implementation.
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Dynamic Strategic Environment

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GlobStrat provides a dynamic business environment where participants are immersed into a virtual, yet very realistic business environment.
Direct competition makes for intelligent opposition and epic battles.
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Triple Bottom Line Scorecard

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The world moves fast.
Sustainability has become essential.
GlobStrat is the
first-and-only simulation that teaches sustainable business strategy, integrating together the 3 pillars:
People, Planet, Profit.
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Strategic Models

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GlobStrat was built by a professor of strategic management. Five main models can be selected as building the foundations of GlobStrat. They explain and justify the construction but also the reactions of the economic model which are very logical from a strategic point of view.
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Why adopt GlobStrat

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25 years experience of teaching Strategic Management led us to design educational tool you need. GlobStrat is the right choice!
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Customize your Simulation

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GlobStrat has been designed to teach multiple levels. Whether MBA or undergraduate, seasoned or junior executives, GlobStrat's breadth and depth can be easily configured to match your needs.
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Leading Institutions

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GlobStrat is the leading-edge strategic business simulation. It has been adopted by many renown academic institutions
(HEC-Paris, Dauphine University,
HEC-Montreal) and Fortune 500 firms.
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No Hassles

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GlobStrat is entirely web-based, with zero installation. Through our training program, whether on-line or on-site, instructors are up-and-running in just a few hours.
Success guaranteed - No hassles!
Plus, we offer 24/7 on-line assistance.
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