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Turnkey Solution

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Our goal is to provide instructors with a successful teaching tool that provides:
    pedagogical value to participants
    fruitful and fun experience
    hassle-free experience for instructors

To that end, we designed GlobStrat to be a turnkey solution.

Adopting GlobStrat
Every thing starts with the adoption of a simulation or of a new simulation. Such a decision is always difficult, even for an experimented teacher. We know that and built our GlobStrat offer around that assertion, looking for your reassurance and your training efficiency. No doubt that a simulation can achieve much more than any other method, with a lot of fun and implication for your students, but why would you choose GlobStrat. Here are our arguments.
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No Hassle
GlobStrat is fully web-based, with built-in pedagogical tools and comes with comprehensive documentation, and 24/7 assistance.
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Customize your Simulation
GlobStrat can be configured to adapt to your audience and your pedagogical objectives. 3 levels of complexity + 4 plugins + an easy to use administrative dashboard enables Professor to organize the teams, define the planning, and adapt the simulation... to his pedagogical needs.
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Instructor Training and Certification
Become a certified Instructor in a few hours, through a customized training program.
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Over the years, GlobStrat has been successfully adopted by leading business schools and Fortune 500 corporations. Check out our Testimonials & References.