Are you CEO-ready?

Adopting GlobStrat

From a pedagogical point of view
GlobStrat is a mean to better achieve your training objectives and to obtain the best possible management learning plus a high satisfaction from your students. This is achieved through:
A short (20 pages) and very clear well structured User Guide, minimizing students’ case initial reading,
A short and efficient (25 slides) PowerPoint presentation for your introduction.
A very useful on line help, letting you in a strategic rôle vis a vis your students and letting the software do the necessary technical coaching (with their main errors ending in an alert message).
An on line Scorecard letting the instructor follow up the students‘ decisions and difficulties from a distance.
A yearly synthetic and visual analysis of competitors giving the instructor a large overview of what is going on in this industry, giving him and his students the data and graphs for a short briefing each round (from 4 to 10, 6 ideally).
A final scorecard with about 50 graphs which can be selected and commented for a fantastic easy final debriefing.
From a strategic point of view
GlobStrat guarantees you a permanent updating integrating the classical but also the latest strategic theories:
The design of GlobStrat is based on the main strategic models that arose from research during the last decades.
The structure of Globstrat is very generic: a high tech business, with a 360° view of the firm, established on one domestic market organized in three segments (Consumers, small firms, large enterprises), with 7 possible new products through innovation, and two more international markets for globalization opportunities.
The choice between 3 levels of strategic complexity (Business, Corporate, Global) guarantee you with a difficulty level corresponding to your students level (undergraduate, MBA, Executives), to your time availability, to your training objectives, up to the integration of sustainable business if this is your goal (with our Triple Bottom Line option).
GlobStrat incorporates an incredible offer in terms of strategic options (competitiveness, differentiation, innovation, internationalization...) up to web-managed alliances and partnerships between competitors, and sustainability.
The strategic models behind GlobStrat shows that GlobStrat reactions are logical and based on what you teach: Performance and Value are created though investments managed through allocating resources and time in order to build competitive advantages based on new capabilities and on a coherent implementation of a well defined strategy.
From a technical point of view
GlobStrat is a very easy to use software, both for the instructor and the students.
GlobStrat offers a high standard of technical security, with 2 servers protecting one another on 2 safe sites. HTTPS guaranties highly secured transfers without any possible spying.
GlobStrat is easy to learn and to use with a very convivial design, with a helping (?) option for each kind of decision, with a computing power letting the software compute forecasts, while students are exchanging ideas and arguments in order to assure pertinent and coherent strategic decision making.
From a financial point of view
GlobStrat-Academy is not asking your institution or your students to pay for telephonic services that they don’t need, given the easy to use level of the software and the on line help. We offer prices that will allow you to take advantage of your own economies of scale, with two means of payment (which can be combined): direct on line payment via Paypal for students, and indirect billing for your institution. We guarantee the best possible fare for Universities and Business schools, without any added value tax if your purpose is educational.